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Archiving and purging a job can be performed automatically. Use the read-only RBA rule to incorporate times with the process templates to perform archive transfers starting at specific times. By default, the timer is set to 1 am local time to the server. Upon a successful archive, a second timer is set to automatically purge the job seven days later.

Note: To retrieve a job manually, you must use the process template.

  1. On the Prinergy server or any client station, launch Prinergy Workshop.
  2. In Job Finder, find the desired job.
  3. Right-click the job or use the Process menu to bring up the context process menu.
  4. Click Enabled Rules > All Jobs > Archive Purge Overnight.
  5. The job is archived during the night.
  6. To check the archived job:
    1. The next day, in Job Finder, from the View menu, click Visible columns.
    2. Select Last Archived.
      If the job is successfully archived, the last archived date appears in the Last archived column and the job is automatically purged.
  7. To check the purged job:
    1. In Job Finder, double-click the job.
    2. In Job Manager, click the Storage tab.
      If job is purged successfully from the Prinergy server, in the Archive State column, its status appears as Offline.
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