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The PRINERGY On Demand: ARCHIVE service is an extension of the Prinergy workflow. Please refer to the Prinergy Online Help for additional information on use of the Archive, Retrieve, and Purge JTPs.

When the ARCHIVE Service is installed and enabled on a Prinergy server, default process templates are updated and a read-only RBA rule is added to the server. This allows you to perform immediate and automatic archiving of jobs.

The process templates are used by the read-only RBA rule.

The following process templates are modified to include your Kodak cloud storage as an archive location:

  • Archive > Archive > ArchiveSelected
  • Purge > Purge > PurgeSelected
  • Retrieve > Retrieve > RetrieveSelected

You can run the process manually using the Process Template, or run the process automatically using the RBA rule.

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