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You can view your roles by clicking your user name on the toolbar.

Note: In an integrated system, you must be in the Projects or Libraries view or in a specific project or library.

A list of your roles appears in the window and includes the following information:

  • A list of the user rights included in the role appears beside the role name when you roll your mouse over the role.
  • Icons beside each role indicate whether the role is assigned to you as an individual  or as a member of a group .
  • If you have access to multiple customers, each customer to which you have access and the roles assigned to you for each customer is listed.
  • If you have access only to specific projects or libraries, the roles that you are assigned at the project/library level are listed for each project and library to which you have access. No customer-level roles are listed.
  • If you are assigned one role at the customer level and a different role at the project/library level, both the role assigned to you at the customer level and the role assigned for the specific project or library are listed.

If you have the right to manage access at the customer, project, or library level, you can modify the roles assigned to you at that level. For levels where you do not have the right to manage access, your roles appear as read-only.

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