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Define an access level for users to control which projects and libraries the users can view.


  • You must have a customer role at the customer level that includes the Modify Customer user right.
  • To see the Manage Access option, you must have the Manage Access user right in your customer role.

Note: In an integrated system, the Modify Customer user right can be assigned only in the Prepress Portal admin role.

You can select one of the following access options:

  • Access All—Gives the user access to all of your company's projects or libraries. When you select this option, you can assign the user different roles at the project or library level. This allows you to give the user more or fewer rights for specific projects and libraries.
  • Limit Access—Limits the user's access to the projects or libraries that she or he creates. When you select this option, make sure that the project or library role includes the Create Project or Create Library user right, so that the user can create projects and libraries.
  1. In the Projects, Libraries view, in the left pane, select a customer.
  2. From the Customer menu, select Manage Customer Access.
    Note: If you cannot click the customer name, you do not have the correct user rights.
  3. In the right pane, define the access level for each user, by selecting the required access level in the Project Access and Library Access lists.
  4. Click Apply.
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