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You can receive e-mail messages about events that occur in the system as the events occur or in a report summary that is sent to you once a day.

User actions—also known as events—are tracked in a history database. You can be notified whenever certain types of events occur in the system. Notifications enable you to stay informed about what is happening in a particular project or library without having to log on to the system. Examples of tracked events include projects created, elements uploaded, and statuses set on tasks.

Your administrator sets up the following event notification settings for each project role and library role in the system:

  • Event types to be associated with the role
  • Whether to send individual e-mail messages for each event or a daily summary of all the events for each project and library
  • The time of day at which the digests are sent, if the daily summary is selected

Note: Event notifications are not associated with customer roles.

After a role is assigned to you, you automatically receive the event notifications. For example, if the Element Changed event type is associated with a project role that is assigned to you, you receive notification when elements are renamed or moved in projects to which you have access.

Note: Your e-mail address must be provided in your user account in order for you to receive the notifications.

Changing the event notification settings

You can view and override the event notification settings for each role assigned to you.

The event types that are visible to you depend on the user rights selected for a role. For example, the Task Administration Changed event type is available only when the Task Status View project user right is included in a role.

If you override the notification settings for a role assigned to you and then you are assigned a different role, your notification settings for the new role are the default settings. The overrides that you applied to the previous role are discarded.

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