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The Compare feature enables you to view two files at the same time in Smart Review and to compare the differences between the two files. You can also view two revisions of the same file.

This is useful when you want to see what changes were made between an older and newer version of a file or when you want to verify that requested changes have been made.

When you compare two files or revisions, Smart Review generates a third image that shows all of the differences between the two files or revisions. You can view the comparison image in the following ways:

  • Absolute: Any pixel differences between the two files or revisions flash red and green.
  • Difference: Displays only pixels that differ between the two files or revisions. The intensity of the pixels indicates the difference in pixel values.
  • Toggle: The comparison image toggles between the two files or revisions so that you can see the differences.


  • You can view the pages side-by-side or stack the pages for comparison.
  • In Absolute view, only differences in pixel values that meet the minimum specified tolerance value are displayed as a difference. The tolerance value is specified in the Smart Review preferences; by default, it is 3 pixel levels.
  • You have an option to hide the third image that displays the difference between two images.
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